Hackathon to End All Hackathons: TechCrunch Disrupt Sign-Ups “Off the Richter”

techcrunch disrupt Hackathon to End All Hackathons: TechCrunch Disrupt Sign Ups Off the RichterThere is a hackathon every damn weekend now, and yet registration for TechCrunch Disrupt is blowing up, organizer Tarikh Korula told Betabeat. “Oooh, no time for a call today, unfort. The signups this year have been off the Richter scale–much faster than we’ve seen in the past two hackathons we’ve done,” he said in an email. “I posted early registration to these two lists and we had 100 signups before the article went live. We got a couple hundred more after that.” 

Mr. Korula only just got the go-ahead from TechCrunch a week ago and the 24-hour hackfest still has no venue now has a venue; it’s at Pier 92. We’re assured there will be great food, fast wi-fi and legions of tech luminaries.

GroupMe, Mr. Korula reminds us, launched at Disrupt last year.

“We want to help grow the burgeoning NYC tech scene by creating the premier hacking event in the Big Apple,” Mr. Korula declared.