Harvey Weinstein Doesn’t Flip the Bird Over Crow Lawsuit

Harvey Weinstein might not be eating crow just yet over his recent lawsuit against Relativity Media, but he certainly made nice at the party for Peter Bart’s memoir Infamous Players. The Weinstein Company recently sued Relativity, headed by hotshot Ryan Kavanaugh, over the rights to remake The Crow, the 1994 Brandon Lee action flick produced by Bob Weinstein’s Dimension Films, during the shooting of which Lee was killed in an accident. (Relativity is reportedly eyeing Bradley Cooper for the lead.)

Relativity responded with a statement calling the suit “feeble,” “malicious” and “another typical litigation stunt from the Weinsteins, who have a long history of threatening lawsuits with the sole purpose of intimidation.”

The Transom asked the formerly bellicose Harvey about the suit. “Ultimately, a judge will decide,” he said with admirable diplomacy. “Bob and Ryan were friends, are friends, and will be friends.”

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