Hipster Runoff: Taavo Somer to Williamsburg

Taavo Somer, proprietor of Freeman’s and The Rusty Knot, will haul his unique aesthetic sensibilities across the river with a new restaurant on the Williamsburg waterfront, Courier-Life reports.

The plans to bring a restaurant to the neighborhood have been in the works for a while, but a recent City Council vote to rezone the proposed space on Wyeth Avenue means the path is now clear. The rezoning also O.K.’s a new apartment complex on the site, aimed at young couples with children.

Eater has heard that the Somer restaurant’s will have a “hippie” theme.

Says one tipster, “So kind of like how Freemans was the pioneer of hipster, and The Knot was nautical, this is supposed to be some kind of hippie place.”

Yeah, whatever happened to that nautical fad anyway? Here’s a 2006 Spencer Morgan profile.

Hipster Runoff: Taavo Somer to Williamsburg