Hulu’s Jason Kilar Does More Bragging, Less Bitching

jason kilar Hulus Jason Kilar Does More Bragging, Less BitchingThe last time we heard from Hulu CEO Jason Kilar he was feeling feisty, firing off a Jerry McGuire style blog post that basically asked the networks who created Hulu to stop kneecapping the site and let them get on with the business of reinventing TV.

A lot of folks were pretty pissed about the whole thing, and lost in the fracas were some big growth numbers that Kilar pointed out to bolster his argument. With the first quarter of 2011 just wrapping up, Kilar added a few details to the financial momentum he highlighted in his previous post.

Hulu is on pace to hit half a billion dollars in revenue this year, which is roughly double the $263 million they did in 2010. Breaking that down a little, Kilar says Hulu’s first quarter  revenue grew 90 percent year over year.

That would indicate that the biggest driver of these gains is, not surprisingly, Hulu Plus, the subscription service the company officially launched back in November of 2010. Kilar says the company is on pace to have more than a million subscribers by the end of this year, not to shabby, but nothing like the 20 million claimed by Netflix.