Late Weekend Reading: Cuomo on Cuomo

nytsunday bronx Late Weekend Reading: Cuomo on CuomoEducation: 10th best middle school in NYC is in the Bronx and it’s not a charter school. [Jonathan Mahler]

Mario on Andrew: “I asked Cuomo whether Andrew was a different kind of Democrat from his father. He paused for a long moment. ‘I think . . .,’ he began, then stopped. ‘What’s a different kind of Democrat? It depends on how you describe a Democrat.’ He paused again, considering. ‘It’s difficult to . . . I think it’s. . . . ‘ Another pause. ‘Is he a different kind of Democrat,’ Cuomo repeated flatly. He then fell back on a politician’s instinct, telling me that the more salient question was what it meant to be a Republican. ” [Matt Bai]

2013: John Liu’s report helps position him as a labor-friendly, anti-Bloomberg candidate. [Adam Lisberg]

2013: Liu’s report says major factor in rising pension costs is rising Wall Street investment fees. [Josh Kosman]

Federal Budget: Obama to set deficit goals in a speech on Wednesday. [Jackie Calmes]

Federal Budget: Port security cut from $288 million to $260 million, according to Rep. Peter King. [Alison Gendar and Jonathan Lemire]

Staffing Obama: Peter Orszag didn’t want to work in the White House in the first place. [Page Six]

Greg Ball’s Hearings: A “circus.” [Times Union]

Staffing Bloomberg: Administration knocks down rumors Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is next to go. [Page Six]

Changing Chancellors: “Walcott, after all, is the consummate Bloomberg administration insider.” [Rachel Monahan]

Changing Chancellors: Bloomberg didn’t consult Walcott before hiring Blacl. [David Seifman]

Changing Chancellors: “By cutting his losses, he suggests he is not ready to accept life as a lame duck.” [Michael Goodwin]

Changing Chancellors: Reverend asks “How many of you thank God that Cathie Black is gone?” and “The congregants responded with shouts of ‘Hallelujah.’ ” [Fernanda Santos]

Changing Chancellors: “Mr. Walcott took several barbs about teacher layoffs, never flinching or growing upset or defensive. Ms. Black had been criticized for making an ill-considered joke and once mocking parents when she was under fire.” [Barbara Martinez and Michael Saul]

Eduction Staff: 474 teachers returned to schools after stints in rubber rooms; 159 paid fines up to $15,000. [Susan Edelman]

Transit Staff: Sleeping on the job. [Reuven Blau]

Transit WiFi: Which Metro-North car is equipped? [Annie Karni]

Rate Hikes: A look at the high pay for power company executives ahead of next month’s rate hike. [Heather Haddon]

Sharpe James: Newark’s former mayor wants a new trial; juror didn’t disclose parents work for the city and may be loyal to new administration that ousted him. [Lisa Fleisher]

Paying Politicians: Long Beach City Councilman collected a salary and unemployment checks. [New York Post]

Media: Couric doesn’t consider Charlie Sheen a colleague; may do a show with Jeff Zucker. [Andrew Goldman]

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