Letter.ly Goes Down Due to Libyan Conflict

We’ve bounced this tidbit back and forth a few times at Betabeat, but it seems like the turmoil in Libya has finally had a concrete impact on a site using that nation’s .ly domain.

“Last week the agency we used to register the letter.ly domain was taken down as a side effect of the war in Libya. Our domain registration expired and, and we were unable to renew it. As the expiration propagated, the site appears to be dead and emails sent to your subscribers probably bounced,” the Letter.ly team wrote in an email to users.

As Betabeat’s Adrianne Jeffries reported back in March, a number of sites saw prominent companies like bit.ly using the Libyan domain and assumed it was safe for them. Many have now taken on second homes, just in case the real world tumult continues to spread to the web.  – Bb