Mark Suster Waves Pom-Poms Over NYC Start-Ups

mark suster Mark Suster Waves Pom Poms Over NYC Start Ups

Mark Suster at TechStars. Source: @davetisch

Salesforce veteran Mark Suster is a VC for GRP Partners, which manages more than $1 billion for more than 150 limited partners in North America and Europe. He’s hanging out at TechStars today after lunch at Dogpatch Labs yesterday and a few events at NYU. He’s totes a fan of the city’s hot start-ups. “If you wear glasses & don’t know Warby Parker ( – go there now! Just bought 4 pairs! Awesome stuff. Stylish. Cheap,” he tweeted yesterday. Then:  “Wow. This @techstars NY stuff is great. If you’re thinking about doing Demo Day next week – definitely do it. I’m 3/3 so far,” he tweeted today.