Meghan McCain Defends Her Existence

Apparently in honor of April Fool’s Day, Meghan McCain posted what, if it were longer and showed evidence of consistent thought patterns, we might call a “screed” on The Daily Beast. HBO is making a film, Game Change, about the 2008 election. Recalling the creation of the 2008 book Game Change, upon which the film is based, Ms. McCain recalls thinking “nice timing sir” [sic], as Meghan McCain teaches her journalism-school students (when she guest-lectures a few times a semester) that the best time to ask questions about a subject is after years have passed, memories have grown hazy, and the public has moved on. It’s, like, science or something.

Ms. McCain displays a near-psychic ability to know what has or has not happened–she still has “doubts” that an incident between John and Elizabeth Edwards actually occurred–and maybe she should be the reporter! She also claims an instance of her father cursing at her mother (not any of these instances) is “absurd.” (No comment is made about Ms. McCain’s own role in the book Game Change, in which she’s portrayed as a temperamental hanger-on.) Ms. McCain says that journalists do not have a right to portray individuals, based upon reporting: “The problem is, we do exist.” Metaphysical! Portraying politicians against whom one bears a grudge negatively based on flights of fancy, though, remains okay. Thanks, Tina! :: @DPD_