‘Mike Bloomberg’ Appeals To Guy Noir for Help

bloomberg scarf Mike Bloomberg Appeals To Guy Noir for HelpMike Bloomberg–or, at the very least an actor doing a decent impersonation of Hizzoner–over the weekend called up a Prairie Home Companion’s Guy Noir, private eye, to do a little background check for him.

The problem, as the mayor explains it, is that he has recently found himself in need of a new schools chancellor. The old one, Bloomberg tells Noir “was someone I met at a dinner party. Very intelligent, very well-spoken, we just seemed to click, you know how it goes.”

The only issue however, as he found out later, was that, “It turned out she has no background in education.”

So Bloomberg has a new pick to lead the city’s schools: Katie Couric, hoping that “She’ll bring a perky, new approach to education.”

You can take a listen here.

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