Misery Loves Companies: Slighted Start-Ups Rally Round New Event

sarah connor Misery Loves Companies: Slighted Start Ups Rally Round New Event

Time to rally the troops

An email went out this morning to eighty local start-ups who had applied to be part of the New York City Job Fair. It was a rejection letter, thanking them for their time, but explaining there were only forty spots available for one hundred and twenty applicants.

Perhaps the sender intended a blind CC, but the list of recipients was open for all to see. “So we just decided, screw this, we can do our own thing,” declared Harris Goodman, VP of marketing at virtual learning startup LateNiteLabs.

It seemed to the slighted startups that the companies who made it into the job fair were the ones that needed the least help.

“Most of them have gotten some serious funding and media attention,” Mr. Goodman said. “Well we’re a profitable company. Just cause we weren’t featured on Techcrunch doesn’t mean we can’t pay six figures.”

One hour, one Google group and several hundred emails later, plans for a competing job fair are raging, with at least 60 participating companies. “We were going to shell out $200 bucks for their event, so why not put that capital into helping ourselves,” said Mr. Goodman.

A smattering of the upstart companies includes: GetGlue, Tenka, Yellowbrck, RenttheRunway, Boxee, Spinback and Sulia. “There were so many people that were left out, and then one email just set it off,” Vasu KulKarni, CEO of Krossover.  “Now my inbox is exploding, I have to get off this list!”

Has a classic BCC fail turned a group of ragtag startups into a recruiting army? Stay tuned for the landing page.

UPDATE- BOOM, that was quick. NYC Startup Jobs Unfair!

UPDATE – They’ve changed the name from the delightful Unfair to the rather bland Silicon Alley Job Fair.