Morning Links: Everyone Not Named Murdoch Is Getting a Little Tired of TV

Being evening news anchor doesn’t matter anymore, says Jack Shafer. We’re pretty sure the only thing that matters now is an incendiary talk show off which you launch a boutique network, with or without a former Vice President. [Slate]

Radio reporters don’t need equipment anymore. They can do it all from their iPhone 4s. Go ahead, defund NPR! Wouldn’t it be awesome to send another journalistic medium into Apple’s stranglehold? [MediaShift]

No parents! Hearst management has flown the tower for a strategy boondoggle in Washington, DC, likely to deal with the enormous impending acquisition of Lagardere titles. [Post]

Elisabeth Murdoch made 153 million pounds selling Shine to her father’s News Corp. The sale made shareholders 290 million pounds, too, so perhaps now they’ll stop groaning about nepotism. [Guardian]

Meredith Vieira is said to be leaving Today. She hates getting up early. [Decoder] @kstoeffel