Morning Links: Shedding a Tear for Our Departed Biographer

Bloomberg TV’s younger-aiming “Game Changers” documentary series wrapped with an Anna Wintour “expose” this week. It looks like a real snooze, with the same ten quotes as every other Anna Wintour story. When will we realize that she is neither hero nor villain, but merely the sturdy and shiny axle of the wheel of capitalism?  [Yahoo Cutline]

Ken Auletta remembers that time News Corp heir apparent James Murdoch walked into a restaurant and spoke to him, even though he totally didn’t have to. Great guy. Wait until you find out what his tattoos symbolize. [New Yorker]

Town and Country editor Jay Fielden will no longer help out with Vogue director Grace Coddington’s coffee table sized biography. “‘We both recently began to realize that having a job like Jay’s wasn’t going to allow us the time it takes to write a story as detailed as mine,’ said Coddington. ‘So we shed a few tears and agreed to reconvene for volume two.'” [WWD]

Forbes shows how the Planned Parenthood sting video duped the Washington Post, and does it with a certain “gotcha” glee that is not entirely unlike a sting video. [Mixed Media]

Time Warner had to pull channels off its iPad live-streaming app because the networks (News Corp, Discovery and Viacom) threatened to sue, claiming Time Warner’s carriage agreement doesn’t include mobile. Movie studios, on the other hand, are hooking up with DirecTV to offer new releases on demand for $30 a month. [Media Memo/LA Times :: @kstoeffel

Morning Links: Shedding a Tear for Our Departed Biographer