Morning Read: Negotiating Rent Rules, Debating Homeless Numbers

kochbridge222 Morning Read: Negotiating Rent Rules, Debating Homeless Numbers2012: “This birther-in-chief is not even a clown. Clowns know they are being absurd.” [Michael Daly]

2012: Trump’s standing in the GOP field today is reminiscent of what Dems faced in 1992. [Steve Kornacki]

Federal Budget: “What [Obama has] done politically does not fit what I think should be done morally” says Rangel. [Erin Einhorn]

Homeless Count: An 8 percent uptick compared to 2009. [Sally Goldenberg]

Homeless Count: Commissioner refutes advocate’s figures. “It’s an unrealistic report that uses a faulty way of looking at the data.” [Michael Saul]

Bloomberg and Goldsmith: They vist Chanina Sperlin in Crown Heights. [Chabad Info]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Popular with voters, not with lawmakers. [Brendan Scott]

Pension Costs: 55 bills seek to boost pensions. Editors say, “What is disturbing — shocking — is Cuomo’s unwillingness to condemn the chicanery out of hand.” [New York Post]

Rent Rules: “Gov. Cuomo has endorsed strengthening the rent regulations, but he’s yet to outline his own proposals.” [Fred Dicker]

Rent Rules: Silver is stalling. [Bill Hammond]

Rent Rules: Through a spokesman, Cuomo voiced support, but not endorse, Assembly’s plan. [Glenn Blain]

Rent Rules: “[A]n aide to Mr. Cuomo said that he was seeking a deal that could pass in both houses. [Charles Bagli]

Rent Rules: Silver says Republican opponents are “reasonable” and will negotiate. [Stephanie Lee]

Foreclosures: No matter what deal is struck nationally, Schneiderman says AGs in each state should conduct their own probes. [Karen Freifeld and David McLaughlin]  

Ticket Fixing: Police union official says they’re waiting to find out more info. [Mary Murphy]

Hiram Monserrate: His pizza is worst than “the cardboard box at Patsy’s” says one man. [Erin Calabrese and Jeremy Olshan]

Carl Kruger: 30,000 phone calls intercepted by the FBI. [Robert Gearty]

Steve Levy: More subpoenas. [Rick Brand]

Nassau Finances: County Executive says “Nassau is now on the road to recovery because of the tough decisions made to take on the status quo.” [Sid Cassese]

Candidates: Olympic star Carl Lewis running for state senate. [Lisa Fleisher]

Readers: An oddly thoughtful debate in the comments section. [Observer]

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