Morning Read: Obama Swoops into NYC, Trump Stirs New Hampshire

Obama NYC: The goal was to woo back Wall Street donors. [Helene Cooper]

Obama NYC: Heckled by AIDS activists who tried using fake press passes to enter. [Jill Colvin]

Obama NYC: Donors included Kerry Kennedy, Bobbi Brown and Ned Lamont. [Erin Einhorn]

Obama NYC: Stepped on his own message, said GOP strategist Ed Rollins. [Carl Campanile]

Trump: Hysterical read from a reporter embedded in his limo during New Hampshire visit. [Andrea Peyser]

Trump: Created a circus in New Hampshire; many policy questions left unanswered. [Jeff Zeleny]

Cuomo’s Meeting: Approached by reporters, attendees sound like Manchurian candidates. [Thomas Kaplan]

Campaign Finance: Hikind coordinated a $30,000 expenditure to help Lazar; rule violation? [Chris Bragg]

Environment: The AG warns about hydrofacking and Indian Point. [Eric Schneiderman]

Birth Certificate: Roadmap for skeptics. [Smoking Gun]

Birth Certificate: Reprinted, verbatim. [] 

Birth Certificate: A haiku. [Michael Caputo]

Birth Certificate: “[B]birtherism will survive. It will mutate and adapt. There’s no satisfying some people.” [Alex Pareene] 

Wal-Mart: CEO heckled during interview with WSJ. [Phil Wahba]

Media: Obama dazzles a reporter with his eyes and words. [Matt Negrin]