Morning Read: Pigs Foot Sent to Rep. King


KSM: Moving it was “an embarrassment for the Obama administration” because they gave into “Congressional pandering.” [New York Times]

2012: Maybe 3rd party candidates weren’t huge spoilers after all. [Steve Kornacki]

Deutsche: Prosecutor says defendants “put profit over people.” [William Rashbaum]

Threats: Pigs foot sent to Rep. Peter King’s office. [AP]

Albany Ethics: Chartock wonders if Cuomo will succeed. []

BigApps: NYC gets attention. [CNNmoney]

Cathie Black: Approaching 100 days in office. [Sharon Otterman]

Steve Levy: Not derailing a major redevelopment project. [Rick Brand]

Staff Changes: Rep. Weiner’s chief of staff departs; City Hall News names interim editor: Phil Lentz, founding editor of Crain’s Insider. [Crain’s]


Morning Read: Pigs Foot Sent to Rep. King