NY Gaming Shop Playmatics Raises $1 M. To Build “Shadow Government”

shadow gov logo NY Gaming Shop Playmatics Raises $1 M. To Build Shadow Government

The best part of Sim City was always reacting to the natural disasters. Local gaming vets Margaret Wallace and Nick Fortugno have just raised a million bucks to build Shadow Government, a Facebook game that where players can build or destroy their own nations.

The interesting part is they are using software initially designed for real world governments by the Millennium Institute.

“Up to now, this tool has only been in the hands of governments and policy-makers to use and to test out real-world events,” explains Wallace, Chief Executive Officer, Shadow Government. “Now, for the first time, anyone with an iPhone or Android can ‘play’ at what it’s like to simulate running a real country.”

Tthe Millennium Institute works with folks like the United Nations and General Motors to study big questions, like how changes in energy policy effect global security. Adding to the mystique, the new gaming company has offices here in New York and in Zurich, where it’s angel investors are based.