Peter King: Eric Holder Should Resign [Video]

Peter King appeared alongside 9/11 Families head Deborah Burlingame on Fox today and called on attorney general Eric Holder to resign following what King sees as his bungled effort to hold the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Lower Manhattan.

“If he feels this strongly about it, if this is such a great moral and issue of conscience for him, then Eric Holder should resign. If he feels this strongly, he should resign on principle. It would do him good, it would certainly do us good, it would do the country good.”

Holder has said that holding the trial in the United States was the right move, but that political pressure from the Congress forced the administration to a military tribunal at Gitmo.

And although King approves of the reversal, he said that President Barack Obama only made it for political reasons.

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Peter King: Eric Holder Should Resign [Video]