Possible Challenger Emerges to Take On Michael Grimm

grimm2 Possible Challenger Emerges to Take On Michael GrimmInvestment banker Robert Diamond is seriously considering jumping into the race to challenge incumbent Staten Island Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, The Politicker has learned.

Diamond is a senior vice-president at Realty Capital International, a real estate investment banking firm, and a former vice-president at Bear Stearns. Prior to his career in finance, he served in the U.S. Navy and was the Navy’s legislative liasion to the House of Representatives. A Truman Security Fellow, he also serves as vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee’s Veterans and Military Families Council.

According to a Times story about his 2004 wedding, Diamond’s mother served as the district director to former Staten Island Republican Congressman Vito Fossella.

Grimm was a political novice when he eked out a win 2010 against one-term Democrat Mike McMahon. The district covers parts of Brooklyn and all of Staten Island, and has voted heavily Republican in presidential elections over the last several cycles, but is likely to become more Democratic after the most recent round of redistricting, and is seen  as the quintessential New York City swing district

McMahon has been hinting that he will run himself, but has made no moves yet to put together a campaign.

Grimm has come under fire in recent weeks for his full-throated endorsement of Paul Ryan’s budget, even though cuts in that proposal could hurt seniors.

A phone call to Diamond was not returned.




  1. Azi, your post is right on the money. Half of the District’s City Council members are Republican, 2 of the four Assembly members that are mostly in the district are Republican, and 2 of the three state senators, not to mention the Staten Island DA, the Borough President, along with Grimm are all Republicans or ran with the party line.

    Grimm won Staten Island by the same exact margin that Staten Island DA Donovan and BP Molinaro did in their first terms, indicating a default pattern for voting there. Had there been an even match of money, Grimm would have won Brooklyn too, where McMahon outstrapped him making expensive TV advertising buys that went well beyond the borders of the 13th Congressional district into other parts of Brooklyn. That won’t be the case anymore now that Grimm is the incumbent and in the majority.

    An underfunded Democrat, especially a carpetbagger like Diamond or Black Jack Murphy’s grandson would get creamed in a race against Grimm, who is already very well known and well-liked.