Primal Tweet – Tiger Mom Takes On Trinity School

 Primal Tweet   Tiger Mom Takes On Trinity School

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Instead of gossiping about teachers over chardonnay after a PTA meeting, New York moms are blasting the Internet with opinions about their kids’ schools.

And judging from her impassioned tweets, one mom seems to be drinking alone.

Seema Kalia, the mom of a second grader at Trinity, alleges that there is trustee fraud, an unlicensed school psychologist and an IRS investigation at the 300-year-old Upper West Side private school – and she is not doing it quietly.

Kalia has waged a campaign against the school using all the social networks at her disposal – Facebook, Twitter and mommy blogs. This has led to a frantic back-and-forth of gossip and rumors across the Internet. Although these allegations seem bizarre at the very least, many moms are taking the bait. Over at Urban Baby, commenters have become authorities by virtue of having friends who have kids at Trinity.

A former lawyer, local TV host and HuffPo blogger (no word on whether she is part of the lawsuit, but considering her husband manages a $200 Billion-dollar hedge fund, one would assume she doesn’t need a freelancer’s salary), Kalia has decided to turn her Twitter account over to a PR Firm.

Don’t worry, I haven’t changed – delegating all media to an outside firm. Msg me and I will forward all press and public body queries” wrote @seemakalia.

Back in March, the mother of a four-year-old made headlines when she filed a lawsuit claiming that her daughter was not receiving adequate test preparation at York Avenue Preschool. And of course, there is always the Tiger Mom herself (whose older daughter is currently deciding between staying near her mom in New Haven and fleeing for Cambridge). Unlike those moms, who seem to be crazily committed to getting their kids into the right schools, Kalia is in the process of getting her daughter expelled.