Prince Becomes Pauper: Dumped Gateway Founder Dumps Murdoch’s Soho Palace

It is beginning to feel like the triplex penthouse at 141 Prince Street is cursed.

Last June, Elie and Rory Tahari sold the palatial pad to Gateway Computers co-founder Ted Waitt for $27.5 million. The fashionable couple had grown threadbare, and they were selling off millions in real estate as a result of their separation.

Mr. Waitt won the 9,309-square-foot four-bedroom after a fierce bidding war that drove the price up from an apparent $22 million ask. Part of the reason he wanted it so badly was the same reason men have done crazy things throughout history—it was for his girlfriend. A week after the deal closed, they broke up, and the 141 prince
penthouse came quietly back on the market.

On April 7, it was picked up by an unkown buyer for $25 million, according to city records, but a source said the price was $24.5 million. That is even less than Rupert Murdoch and Wendy Deng got when they sold to the Taharis in 2005, for $24.675 million.

Talk about a bad break up.

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