Refresh Refresh Refresh Reading Series Makes Long-Awaited Return

After a four-month hiatus, the reading series Refresh Refresh Refresh will once again take over Happy Ending, a bar on the Lower East Side. It all goes down this Friday, April 29th, at 8:00 p.m., and promises to be another night of witty prose related somehow to the Internet. 

The lineup includes Slate media blogger and Chris Jones megafan Tom Scocca (a former Observer writer); Vanity Fair‘s Juli Weiner, whom Donald Trump called a “BAD WRITER” despite the fact that she is a very good one; Akiva Gottlieb, a contributor to The Nation; the blogger known as Keyholez; and the unstoppable duo of Alice Gregory and Molly Young.

Started last year by former Observer writer Leon Neyfakh, Refresh Refresh Refresh has made the Internet fun again by choosing its most distinctive voices and putting them on display IRL, in a place with a fully-stocked bar. Get off the desktop and go!