Renegade Silicon Alley Job Fair Getting Serious

ewoks1 Renegade Silicon Alley Job Fair Getting Serious

Little startups pack a big punch

This thing has got legs. Just one day after meeting each other on the CC list of a rejection email, about 60 New York startups are making their own job fair a reality with a face to face meeting tomorrow.

In the meantime they have attracted support from heavyweights like Fred Wilson. “The renegade startup fair is awesome,” Wilson wrote. “I love stuff like that.”

Alex Horn is the the man who sent the email that triggered the chain of events. “That was my mistake, it was supposed to be a BCC,” says Horn.

“We got a lot of push back from the smaller start-ups, but we wanted to keep the event focused on the best companies looking to make the biggest hires. It doesn’t make sense when connecting people with jobs to include start-ups that might not be around in five months.”

That’s probably news to snubbed companies like 10Gen. “It’s not an easy business to understand, so maybe you don’t hear about them as much, ” said local tech kingpin Kevin Ryan while chatting with Betabeat at our launch party last night. “But I think of all the ventures I am involved in, 10Gen has  the most potential to become a massive company.”