Roundup: A Threatening Email Sent to Albany

Threats: Silver, Skelos and others were threatened in an email. [Ken Lovett and Glen Blain]

Threats: Also sent to journalists. State police investigating. [Nick Confessore]

City Budget: NYC’s workforce will shrink, says Bloomberg. [AP]

City Budget: “We cannot afford the size police force, fire department, of any of these agencies if we have a $400 million deficit,” Bloomberg said. [WNYC]

State Budget: “Under this year’s budget, our state government will spend more every hour than 200 typical New York families earn in a year,” says EJ McMahon. [Joseph Spector] State Budget: Cuomo seemed press lawmakers for an early budget, leaving no time for debate. [Glenn Blain]

Federal Budget: “Hayworth also chose not to answer whether she would prefer a government shutdown over a concession of less than $60 billion.” [WNYC]

Federal Budget: Hayworth, King, Grimm and other GOP vote for the Government Shutdown Prevention Act. []

Dissing Bloomberg: “I’m not having dinner with the owners of these newspapers in my mansion in the Upper East Side,” said Ruben Diaz Jr. [Chris Bragg]

Dissing Power Companies: Bloomberg says a rate hike is bad. [David Seifman]

Campaign Money: “Donovan still owes more than $300,000 from his campaign for attorney general last year.” [Jon Lentz]

Fundraisers: The minimum requested is not small. [Rick Karlin]

Human Rights: A NY Democrat eyes another potential international problem. [Twitter]

Kids: Lappin had a boy: Miles McMichael. [David Chen]

Dogs: Grimm gets a puppy. [Judy Randall]

2012: “You have to admire his arrogance” Koch said of Trump. [City Hall News]

Humor: “Anthony Weiner has emerged as one of the country’s most prominent amateur comedians.” [Stephen Hoban]

Humor: Steve Martin on Obama’s real intentions. [Twitter]

Roundup: A Threatening Email Sent to Albany