Roundup: Michael Grimm Denies Wrongdoing, Trump Focuses on Birth Certificate


Rep. Michael Grimm speaks to the GOP conference on April 7, 2011. (photo credit:

Michael Grimm: Accused of waiving his gun and acting menacingly, at a night club. [Evan Ratliff]

Michael Grimm: “[T]he previously unreported news that Grimm had been investigated internally for allegedly abusing his authority in an early-morning altercation.” [Ben Smith]

Michael Grimm: “I was one hundred percent by the book and fully exonerated.” [Liz Benjamin]

Trump: Not a serious candidate. [Hendrik Hertzberg]

Trump: “It’s pretty tough to travel a thousand miles in order to vote.” [Fox News]

Trump: “There are so many people that really want him to provide his birth certificate.” [Fox News]

Trump: Fights Robert DeNirio. [Celeste Katz]

Trump: Why his campaign benefits Eliot Spitzer’s career. [Josh Benson]

Trump: His wife talks. [Lindsay Goldwert]

DOMA: Law firm quits defending the law; lawyer doesn’t. [Lyle Denniston]

Same-Sex Marriage: Labor helps organize. [Liz Benjamin]

Gay: “I do think that if you’re gay you have a responsibility to come out,” says Maddow. [Chris O’Shea]

Crime: Rape up 23.7 percent compared to last year. [Luke Funk]

Promotions: Marvel Comics helps NYC. [George Gustines]

Media: Spike Lee shoots MSNBC ads. [Alec Jacobs]