Roundup: Moving KSM Trial, Redacting NYRA

tu april4 Roundup: Moving KSM Trial, Redacting NYRAMLK: Where were you when he died? [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

2012: “[T]hree of the last seven presidential elections swung by third-party candidates who were in the race mainly as acts of self-flattery.” [Gregg Easerbrook]

KSM: Not being tried in NY. [New York Post]

KSM: Bloomberg applauds the move. [Javier Hernandez]

Living Wage: More on MLKIII’s advocacy here. [Daniel Massey]

Blogs: The Times tumbles. [FishbowlNY]

State Budget: Committee to Save NY applauds Cuomo, in a tv ad. [Liz Benjamin]

State Budget: Buffalo eyes the UB2020 plan, hoping it doesn’t become UB2040. []

Education Staff: A 22-year veteran departs. [Celeste Katz]

FOIL: Redactions, at the New York Racing Association. [Times Union]

Alan Hevesi: Due to be sentenced Friday. [Josh Robin]

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