Roundup: Poetry from Bloomberg and Cuomo


Poetry: Words, from Bloomberg. [Youtube]

Taxes: Obama donated 14.2 percent to charity. [Celeste Katz]

Taxes: Cuomo made less than his Lt. Governor in 2010. [Nick Reisman]

2012: “[H]e’s propelled himself into the “I wish a motherf***** would” phase of his as-yet-undeclared presidential campaign.” [David Swerdlick]

Trump: Slammed as “a liberal on healthcare” by Club for Growth. [Casey Seiler]

Trump: Apprentice viewership down 13 percent. [Tim Kenneally]

Trump: Wanted to use eminent domain to build parking lot for limousines. [karoll]

Executives: Private sector easier than public sector. [John O’Leary]

Police Probe: Ticket fixing “almost impossible” today because of technology, says Bloomberg. [Jill Colvin]

Bloomberg’s Advocacy: Immigration chat with Obama. [Ben Smith]

Bloomberg’s Planet: Green initiative unveiling Thursday; impacted by budget. [Courtney Gross]

Former Chancellor: “Cathie Black, a long-time regular client who’s had a little bit of a bumpy ride as of late so let’s give her some special attention,” says GM at Michael’s. [Brigid Bergin]

Media: Bobby Cuza covering 9/11; will return to politics later. [Richard Huff]

Pulitzers: Breaking news: No awards for breaking news. [Stu Loeser]

Humor: Biden seems to be the bases for Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s new role. [Carrie Andersen]

Humor: Art, imitating campaigns? [Tumblr]

Poetry: Cuomo emails, “Now is the beautiful time of year. Spring is arriving and the flowers are blooming.” [Twitter]

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