Roundup: Trump Vows Early Disclosure, Flashback to Dicker’s Assault

New York Times profile of New York Post’s Fred Dicker includes footage of Dicker getting assaulted. Classic NY moment. []

Trump: Media can’t believe Trump wants to get off birther issue. [Chris Matthews]

Trump: Greta van Susteren won’t ask Trump about it. []

Trump: Birther issue is coded racism. [Fareed Zakaria]

Trump: Hand-written note says he’ll release info sooner than required. [Justin Elliott]

Trump: Not a trusted source on reportings his wealth. [Marcus Baram]

Trump: Outlines what he owns, and he lends his name to, in deposition. Very entertaining. [Via Anna Sale]

Ticket Fixing: Bloomberg says trust the new computerized system. [Diego Ribadeneira]

Consolidation: Layoffs not required, says Krueger. [Liz Benjamin]

Sign Language: Debate about how to get more English onto signs is bubbling up again. [Connor Adams Sheets]

Social Media: Rachel Sterne teaches. [Stacy Blackman]

Police Complaints: Neighbors complain of police sting operation. Newspaper won’t say where, to protect the sting. [Stephen Geffon]

Street Renaming: Ruben Wills proposes the honor for the man he replaced, Tom White. [Ann Marie Costella]