Rumors & Acquisitions: Twitter Gave Us Color

rumormonger1 Rumors & Acquisitions: Twitter Gave Us ColorLet’s get these rumors out the door, people, we’ve got a party to go to!

No fury like a start-up scorned. The Second Annual NYC Startup Job Fair burned about 80 start-ups today with an insensitive CC instead of BCC on the email notifying companies they’d been rejected. Rent The Runway, 10gen, Get Glue, Tenka, Pixable, Snap Interactive, Food52 and Boxee were just some of the start-ups shut out of the event. The scorned start-ups are starting their own counter-fair, and according to the Google Group, Fred Wilson wants to help. So who did get accepted? SecondMarket, Gawker, Meetup, Yipit, Popdust, Brainscape, NewsCred, Shapeways, Lot18 and others. Check Betabeat in the morning for more coverage of this developing story.

Returns: New York’s Tutorspree (founded fall of 2010, Airbnb of tutoring, etc., etc.) has been getting some hot news off the presses in New York. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post recently gave the Y Combinator-funded company some love, and we hear the founders are missing New York and plan to move back after the program ends. Founder Aaron Harris was in the city for the weekend. “New York City. City of dreams…and snowy rain,” he tweeted. We miss you too!
The long arm of social media has embraced our dear friend Daniel. Journalism developer, conference live-tweeter and new media whiz kid Daniel Bachhuber is back on Facebook and Twitter after a five-month hiatus that was supposed to be permanent. “Deleted my Twitter account. Made it to 8,234 tweets, 401 following, 2,056 followers, and 209 lists (for what that’s worth) over three years. I’ve deleted my Facebook account as well. Open systems need more of my attention, and it’s time to vote with my feet,” he wrote in October, prompting bemusement from the peanut gallery. (The next day’s post: “Witty things I would have said on Twitter today.”) Being left out was too inconvenient, he told Betabeat. “Yes, you can call me a hypocrite. Yes, I’m still a firm believer in portable data and identity. Pragmatism won out over idealism,” he blogged.

What’s cool. Did 4chan founder Chris Poole really get dinner with enduring heartthrob and Sean Parker-poseur Justin Timberlake on April Fool’s Day? Do those two people speak the same language?

Reddit #CanGetIt. Comedian Donald Glover conducted a lukewarm Ask Me Anything on Reddit today. “I’m not gonna be on here a ton. I gots work to do, homies. But I wanted to do a little,” he wrote to fans. Still, the effort gave founder Alexis Ohanian the swoons.
21st century voyeurism. Foursquare’s Tristan Walker had lunch at Color! How do we know? Technology. We’re thinking a themed Tumblr, sourced entirely from Color: “Pictures of People Mid-Sandwich.” Do you love it?