Rumors & Acquisitions: You Will Rumor the Day

rumormonger Rumors & Acquisitions: You Will Rumor the DaySpecial, fake rumors April Fool’s Day edition of the rumor roundup:

Tarallucci e Vino is launching a summer accelerator; free coffee and croissants for six percent equity. They refused to tell Betabeat when demos will be. “We’re waiting until the last minute to announce it,” a barista told Betabeat by phone. “Otherwise Y Combinator will schedule something on the same day.”

Matt Shampine raised $500k for a social network specifically for fans of ramen, but may already have pivoted to tacos. “What the fuck,” Mr. Shampine said when contacted by Betabeat via Gchat. “I would never pivot from ramen.”

Nate Westheimer is stepping down as executive director of New York Tech Meetup, to be replaced by a Girl Scout.

We heard it’s actually Mr. Westheimer’s birthday today! And Chris Paik’s, as well?

Julia Allison is taking Patrick Moberg to the Small Girls PR prom. This must be why she didn’t include him in “Ten Sexiest Web Geeks”! Right? She sent all the geek groupies after “veritable geek Adonis” C. Moot Poole, and is keeping Pmo under the radar in Brooklyn as her little delish secret.

A start-up is throwing a party at 8 p.m. at The Thompson on Monday, and Ivanka Trump, Eduardo Saverin and Ron Conway may be in attendance. Afterparty TBA.