Sex and/or Breakfast with Socialite Annabelle Dexter-Jones: Like “Strangling a Crocodile”

In one of the better openers of writing about nightlife characters, this one’s up there. André Saraiva — the man behind The Standard’s Le Bain and Paris/Tokyo uber-exclusive nightlife destinations Le Baron (coming this September to Manhattan!) — gets the profile treatment in the May issue of BlackBook. It begins when BlackBook editor Megan Conway arrives to speak with Saraiva one morning, when she is informed that her subject will keep her waiting:

Even with a two-person crew working to tidy nightlife impresario André Saraiva’s new Chinatown apartment for the busy weekend ahead, it’s impossible to ignore the high-pitched shrieks coming from the shower in the back room. Saraiva is “having breakfast,” I’m vaguely assured, with his girlfriend, socialite Annabelle Dexter-Jones. It’s Friday, a quarter past noon. […] “Either André and Annabelle were having sex in the shower,” a partygoer will say to me later that weekend, “or someone was strangling a crocodile.”

The upshot, however, is that we all now know what having sex and/or breakfast with a socialite sounds like. Do with that what you will. It’s the alternative positioning that matters, though, as if that is indeed what Mr. Saraiva’s breakfasts sound like these days, Manhattan should eagerly await Le Baron’s arrival on the nightlife scene. 

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