Smartphone Sleepover at the NY Public Library

find the future Smartphone Sleepover at the NY Public Library500 folks will get the chance to spend the night exploring the 70 miles of collections in the NY Public Library as part of a scavenger hunt designed by Jane McGonigal, the author of Reality is Broken, who is on a mission to add game mechanics to just about everything.

McGonigal is one of those TED talking, world beating types with a mission that sounds made up at first: to use alternate reality and massively multiplayer online roleplaying games to solve big real world problems like poverty and education. SuperBetter, for example, was a game McGonigal designed to help herself recover from a serious concussion.

The overnight at the NYPL will be in the style of National Treasure, with teams competing to find items like Jack Kerouac’s glasses and a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Teams will check in to objects by scanning special codes on these items, with that leading them to complete a special quest. Sounds like a young nerd’s dream come true, except sadly the event is not open to anyone under 18.