Sources: Obama Returning to New York for Fundraiser

President Barack Obama will be returning to New York City on April 27 for another fundraiser as he officially embarks on his 2012 re-election bid, according to two major Democratic donors who have been informed of the president’s plan.

Obama came to New York City last week for a Harlem dinner that netted $1.5 million for the Democratic National Committee.

Details of this visit remain slight, but the president is expected to eschew uptown for a more standard swanky hotel setting.

The president will also be coming to the city this week to attend Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network annual gala.

The visits to New York City–known as a political ATM machine for candidates on both sides of the aisle and up-and-down the ballot–come as President Obama is kicking off his campaign efforts earlier than any sitting president before him. Today, he announced his plan to seek re-election via a video and email sent out to supporters

A spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee did not return a phone call seeking comment.


Sources: Obama Returning to New York for Fundraiser