Sunday Reading: Embracing Cuomo and Bloomberg's Budgets

Andrew Cuomo and Kirsten Gillibrand embrace, as do Chuck Schumer and Tom DiNapoli, thanks to some prompting from Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, during the Somos el Futuro conference in Albany Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Evaluating Budgets: Calling balls and strikes on the budget dispute between Cuomo or Bloomberg. [Michael Herzenberg]

Evaluating Budgets: “Unnecessary pain” “inhumane” and “fiscally backwards,” say the editors. [New York Times]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “What happened to Bloomberg’s clout?” He lost his “charisma of competence.” [Kevin Williamson]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “[W]hat is Mike Bloomberg running for now? His life.” [Michael Goodwin]

Comparing Governors: California’s Jerry Brown is no Andrew Cuomo. [Carla Marinucci]

NY26: $1 million worth of ads from Tea Party candidate Jack Davis. [Robert McCarthy]

State Budget: “I don’t agree with the Times,” says Cuomo. [Thomas Kaplan]

State Budget: A skateboarder doesn’t like Cuomo’s budget. [Twitter]

Bi-partisan: “You are my hero…You are amazing…a superstar” Democrat Dov Hikind says to Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos. ” [Youtube]

Somos Conference: Cuomo welcomes immigrants. [Ken Lovett]

Somos Conference: “Nobody wants to embrace the governor,” joked Democratic Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. [Twitter]

Somos Conference: A certain Assemblyman drove to Cuomo’s reception while talking on his cell phone. [Twitter]

Staten Island GOP: Money raised to oust the county chairman. [Tom Wrobleski]

State Employees: “[T]he number of state employees dropped by only 0.2 percent — or 420 — in the decade from 2001 to 2010” [Joe Spector]

Member Items: Previously promised commitments get funded. [Casey Seiler]

School Funding: Enrollment drops as spending goes up, in Erie and Niagra counties. [Mary Pasciak]

Investigations: Wineries wanted Cuomo to do a probe that didn’t go far. [Times Union]

John Haggerty: Months after getting married, he reportedly dated an accountant connected to Bloomberg campaign. [Adam Lisberg]

Alan Hevesi: Editors say his record of public service doesn’t outweigh his crimes. [Daily News]

2012: Trump campaigns while promoting Trump brands. [Jeremy Peters and Brian Stelter]

Tax Objections: Record number people challenge their tax assessments. [David Seifman]

Community Benefits Agreement: Rev. Herbert Daughtry doles out Nets tickets. [Gary Buiso]

Covering Cuomo: Not easy. [Twitter]

Sunday Reading: Embracing Cuomo and Bloomberg's Budgets