The City Wants to Know if You Think We’re in a Tech Bubble

nycedc logo The City Wants to Know if You Think Were in a Tech BubbleThe New York City Economic Development Corporation, which has ramped up its attention on the tech sector in the last two years, is curious to know your thoughts: Are we in a tech bubble? What’s toughest about being an entrepreneur in NYC–access to capital, talent, or support? Where should the city focus internationally?

Last month, the NYCEDC completed the same survey with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and published the results on Tumblr.

  • 66% of entrepreneurs responding that we are not in the midst of a tech bubble
  • 36% of the VC community responding that we are not in a tech bubble

    Of those who felt that we are in the midst of a bubble, all except one respondent felt that the bubble was not unique to New York City.

The survey also found that India, the U.K., Europe and China were the areas of strongest interest internationally.

Respondents felt the NYCEDC could be most helpful to entrepreneurs by facilitating access to capital.

The survey is quite detailed, asking for elaboration on several questions, but there’s no indication that the results will go anywhere but on Tumblr.