Tumblr’s Mark Coatney Tired of Sites that Disrespect Commenters

“Commenting on most sites is badly done, because it treats commenters as second class citizens.” Peep the video for full diatribe.

“If you look at most websites the commenting page is down way at the bottom after all the links to other stories and the ads and other stuff. Down way at the bottom is this little tiny box with a tiny font with no extra tools that says leave your comment here. That already sends the message that the publication doesn’t value commenters as much as they value their own stuff. The second part is that typically online commenting doesn’t have any accountability built in. You’re starting to see a better mechanism with thing like Facebook or Disqus comments. But we notice people tend to be nicer to one another on Tumblr, because fundamentally anything you do on there accrues back to your own Tumblr blog.”