TV Takedown – Time Warner Backtracks on iPad App

tv war TV Takedown   Time Warner Backtracks on iPad App

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In the battle to build the universal screen, where anyone can watch anything from anywhere so long as they are a paying customer, Time Warner has gone into retreat. 

The cable company released a forward thinking app that let subscribers watching streaming shows right on their iPads. But after the networks got their lawyers busy with cease and desist orders, Time Warner removed a dozen channels and will probably end up dropping more.

Just to be clear, this wasn’t some willy nilly piracy provoking platform. According to The Wall Street Journal, “The free app only worked within a cable customer’s home when the iPad was connecting to the Internet through the company’s broadband service.”

Apps like Slingbox have allowed cable customers to do this for ages, even from outside their homes. It just goes to show how out of touch the networks are with what’s happening.