UFT Organizes an Anti-Bloomberg Rally, Sanders, Halloran, Avella Speak Out

The Chief-Leader captures some good vitriol at a recent UFT protest aimed at reversing Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to lay off thousands of teachers.

Democratic City Councilman James Sanders said “we need to take this surplus” and “make sure we save the teachers.” The surplus, as I and other people have noted, don’t really exist (or, as the City Comptroller has said, it really just “depends who you ask.”)

Republican City Councilman Dan Halloran told the protesters “It’s good to see somebody out here who cares about kids because it’s clear the Bloomberg administration doesnt.”

And Democratic State Senator Tony Avella keeps up the outspoken tradition he cultivated when he was in the City Council, and told the crowd, “I want to start a recall petition for the mayor.” 

Note: In case you think Avella is onto something, think again. One attorney told me there is no recall mechanism in New York, so the issue is a “no go.” Political consultant Jerry Skurnik — a walking encylopedia of information — emailed to explain the backstory: 

Former Senator Vander Beatty led a petition drive to amend the City Charter to allow recall during Koch’s first term because he was made about Koch defunding some anti-poverty programs. But he did not submit enough signatures and the issue died.