Was Baltimore Startup Weekend More Hospitable to Minorities?

According to this story in the Baltimore Sun, some hackers traveled from New York to the Baltimore edition of the Startup Weekend hackathon this week. Was it because the New York event was sold out, we wonder? And why is it that tweets about the story introduced it as “Great coverage of minorities at NYC Startup Weekend,” when the story was about the Baltimore event and did not explicitly discuss minorities?

Oh wait: Perhaps it’s because there are minorities in the associated photo–Jesse Baptiste and Gareth Williams, both of New York City, both black–and the story quotes a girl. “This community was more set for my idea than New York,” Alexa Baggio, 23, of New York said. “I came here to find the people to help me do it.” Is that a race reference? We have no idea what that ambiguous quote means! But she says this on Twitter: “@BaltSW Leaving NYC for #BaltSW…take that #nycsw!” Betabeat has “pinged” Ms. Baggio, as they say, seeking clarity and will update if we find it. UPDATE: Here’s Ms. Baggio on why she went for Baltimore over NYC–it was because she thought they’d be more receptive to her app, she said. We’re still wondering why people on Twitter referred to the Baltimore Sun’s story about the hackathon as “coverage of minorities.”