Will Ferrell: Gary Sanchez Is Legitimately Gary Sanchez!

New York Yankees minor league prospect Gary Sanchez hasn’t been called up to the show yet (he’s 18), but he’s already fielding big-league offers from Hollywood players. “We have to go hang out with him!” Will Ferrell, cofounder of Gary Sanchez Productions, told the Transom at Comedy Central’s Comedy Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom, explaining that the catcher and the namesake production company are not connected. “It’s so shocking, man,” Mr. Ferrell’s producing partner Adam McKay said of the coincidence. “All I can tell you is that he’s welcome at our offices anytime. If he wants his silhouette to become the official symbol for our company, we’re open to it–and we in no way will be pursuing any trade lawsuits against his existence.”

Mr. McKay said that the company’s moniker, fictitiously identified on its Web site as referring to a “Paraguayan entrepreneur and financier,” was selected largely at random by Mr. Ferrell.

So no, conspiracy theorists: The young star from the Dominican Republic, whose $3 million 2009 signing bonus was the largest the Yankees have ever given an amateur or a position player, isn’t simply a comedic counterpart to Talladega Nights‘ Ricky Bobby or Eastbound and Down‘s Kenny Powers, both released by Gary Sanchez Productions. Nor is he a complete hoax, à la George Plimpton’s famous pitcher-slash-yogi Sidd Finch. “Oh, that would’ve been genius!” Mr. McKay said. “But no, the kid can legitimately play and his name is legitimately Gary Sanchez. How bizarre.”