You Must Remember This: Levi Johnston Traverses Time and Space Edition

So much happens each day–how to keep it all straight? Time to test your memory!

Who’s going to be a (maybe not entirely convincing) street b-baller on film?

Which TV show may be coming back without its marquee attraction?

And which soon-to-be-departed show may be gifted with a Levi Johnston appearance–that is, if Levi gets his way? (He may be aiming a bit high here.)

What should be Michael Kinsley’s first–and probably last!–act at Bloomberg, if Jack Shafer’s to be believed?

It’s about a family and it’s about time and space. He’s using the movie, of course, very filmically, which is how it should be used: not to tell a life story but a story that really stretches over decades and beyond.” Which highly anticipated summer film does this describe? (Not the Transformers sequel–we swear!) :: @DPD_