You Must Remember This: The Wachowski Brothers Are Back! (Good?)

So much happens each day in this town. How to keep it all straight? Time to test your memory!

How do you get to Carnegie Hall–and if you get there tonight, which bawdy singer, which Lite-FM stalwart, and which hilarious comedian turned tolerable banjo player await you?

–Which fashion-magazine cover girl was so compelling that the Mad Men writers created a part just for her?

Which beloved 2000s novel is so complicated, its film adaptation apparently needs three directors?

–Which multiple-Emmy-winning actor has given up on scripted TV, turning to a web-derived reality show? (If you liked his 1990s sitcom, this one will hurt.)

–She may be stressed out and still deciding, but where is Katie Couric taking the time to dance? (And has her form improved?) :: @DPD_