You Must Remember This: Who Outgrossed Toni Morrison!?

Plenty happens each day in this town! How to keep it all straight? Time to test your memory!

Which playwright has a new work premiering in London soon?

Which actor optioned the hip, arty novel Zeroville? (Hint, as if you needed one: he’s on Letterman tonight commisserating about Oscar hosting.)

–What’s proof positive–besides the career of Katy Perry–that to get attention, all you need to do is sing loudly, if amateurishly?

–Which Scientology-manque religion (scare-quotes implied) is being pursued by “dark forces”?

–Which MTV girl is $2,000 more valuable than Toni Morrison (maybe because she hasn’t been tainted by hanging out with Fran Lebowitz)? :: @DPD_