ZocDoc: “Our Aspiration Is to Be as Big as Google or Microsoft”

zocdoc best place1 ZocDoc: Our Aspiration Is to Be as Big as Google or Microsoft

Cyrus Massoumi, founder of ZocDoc, the online doctor’s appointment booking service that was named the best place to work in New York by Crain’s, has an interview today over on the NYC blog entrepreneurship blog Founded. ZocDoc is profitable, growing fast, and despite its accolades, still has to hustle to find good hires.
“We want to be in every city in America as soon as possible. We’re also very interested in ZocDoc growing internationally. Our aspiration is to be as big as Google or Microsoft. Our market is that big. We have the potential to be that big. It’s just a matter of how long it takes us to get there,” Mr. Massoumi said. Maybe the potential recruits are scared off by the fact that Mr. Massoumi is “really comfortable with firing people.”