48 Hour Apps Will Build Your Project in One Weekend for $10,000

 48 Hour Apps Will Build Your Project in One Weekend for $10,000New York’s Twilio evangelist John Britton is not a patient man. He decided to travel the world instead of finishing college and doesn’t need more than two sleepless nights to take a viral project from pitch to product.

Along with Jon Gottfried, Jarod Reyes and Chris Kennedy, Britton launched 48hourapps, which has produced Pocketvore, Lemonade Stand and Whoworks.at so far. The firm’s offer is one app, in 48 hours, for $10,000.

It’s a chance for the quartet, who all have day jobs, to get their adrenaline fix hacking hard on a single idea. “We can’t change the world within a weekend and we have to make sure the projets are in scope. An app with 1-3 core features is reasonable,” Britton told The Next Web.

It’s incredible to read that Britton and the 48hour team are turning down 10-15 project offers a week, especially when the same story asserts that Britton has $60,000 in student loans to pay off. But travelling to hackathons and experimenting with his peers seems to trump all else.


  1. This is brilliant.  I’m not at all surprised that there are so many people lining up for this service.  I bet others will offer similar services…

  2. Build an App says:

    Instead of giving $10,000 I would prefer to develop an app by my own or even there are better choices than this.