A Diplomat, a Senator and a Famous Actor Walk Into the Four Seasons

The pool was closed for private parties last week, but the grill was bumping. On Monday, Chelsea Clinton came in for lunch with Sandy Weill. The Post reported that she went to Michael’s, though, so maybe I need to get my eyes checked–or the media needs to fact-check. Ha! I’ve been working for three weeks straight, so I’m getting cranky. But on Thursday, Absolut Vodka gave an award to Amy Sacco–you remember her, from Bungalow 8 and Bette?–and they made a poster for me which read, “Absolut Charm.” So maybe I’m not so bad. Amy, of course, had a poster, too: “Absolut Bombshell.”

Joe Lieberman was here on Friday in a bright green tie, dining with Mort Zuckerman. The former governor of Utah Jon Hunstman was also here having lunch with his beautiful wife. He hasn’t announced it yet, but I’m sure he will run for president. Everyone was clamoring for Mr. Hunstman! And Bill O’Shaughnessy was holding court at Philip Johnson’s table. I think Mr. O’Shaughnessy needs a new hairstyle. We need to send him over to Fred Fekkai. Judy Taubman, the former Miss Israel, was here without her husband, Al, and I told her that Mr. O’Shaughnessy is Al’s replacement! Maybe after we get his hair cut.

On Saturday I watched the Yankees play the Red Sox. Lately there have been no Yankees at the grill–we used to have Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter coming in, but that was a long time ago. Then on Sunday I made a movie with Richard Gere called Arbitrage. He is such a professional actor–unbelievable! He was here from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. without ever stopping, and he was very friendly, putting everyone at ease. I played myself. The scene was based on the Four Seasons. They told me to be myself, so I had little fun and did what I always do. A few years ago I also had a part in Inside Man, with Denzel Washington. Where is my SAG card?

Speaking of Hollywood, last night, we had a huge party to celebrate Too Big to Fail, the HBO movie based on Andrew Sorkin‘s book. They put a gigantic silver bull on top of a pile of money in the pool! Everyone was having pictures taken in front of it. Warren Buffet and George Soros were here. We had Donna Karan, James Woods, Armand Assante, Richard Plepler, Matthew Modine Mariska Hargitay and Cynthia Nixon were both looking stunningly beautiful. Stunning! It is really a great movie. It didn’t have me in it, but you can’t have everything.