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In March 2011, PolitickerNJ introduced State Street Wire, a legislative wire service designed for legislative stakeholders. Drawing on one of the largest bureaus at the State House, State Street Wire provides the most comprehensive coverage of New Jersey politics and government.


State Street Wire content is designed to give subscribers a competitive edge, including gavel-to-gavel session summaries, weekly advances and recaps, a daily schedule of events, and customized email alerts. State Street Wire’s growing membership include corporations, trade associations, advocacy groups, public entities, law and government affairs firms, and more.

If the success of your business relies on up-to-the-minute information from the State House, click here to request a free trial. Trial users receive access to State Street Wire’s continually updated website and automatically receive daily briefings and breaking news alerts from our State House bureau.


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Pricing and Support

Please contact Paul Siefferman at 212-407-9320 to learn more about State Street Wire pricing or customer support.


Content Sharing/Reuse Policy

As a wire service, State Street Wire subscribers are encouraged to share or reuse State Street Wire content in line with our Editorial Reuse Policy. Questions about this policy should be directed to the State Street Wire business office at 212-407-9320.

• Any duplication must give credit to SSW or PolitickerNJ.com and our reporters

• Subscribers are allowed to forward, re-print or post (1) story per day in its entirety

• All news stories may be re-written with source credit given to the PolitickerNJ.com


State Street Wire subscribers are encouraged to utilize PolitickerNJ’s press release feed and State Street Wire daybook. Press releases and Daybook events are submitted by PolitickerNJ users, not by staff. They do not represent the viewpoint of PolitickerNJ.com. State Street Wire reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the service.

About State Street Wire