As Facebook Ramps Up Social Ads, Brooklyn Family Files A Lawsuit

Earlier this year Facebook introduced “Sponsored Stories”, which take wall postings that mention brand names and injects that commentary into an ad unit.

So the Brooklyn family that filed a class action lawsuit this week is a little behind the times. The Nastro family is suing because Facebook did not get their permission before displaying the fact that their son Justin, a minor, “liked” certain products.

“Users can prevent their endorsements from being shared with their friends by limiting who can see their posts through their privacy settings,” according to the complaint. “There is, however, no mechanism in place by which a user can prevent their name and likeness from appearing on a Facebook page if they have ‘liked’ it.”

These kinds of ads first stirred up controversy when they debuted back in 2007, but are old hat by now.

Facebook already walked back the Beacon advertising program that this lawsuit is pointing to after public outcry.