At Ground Zero, ‘Satisfied’ Giuliani Worries a Little for the Short-Term

“This would be like defeating, taking out a Hitler,” Rudy Giuliani told reporters at Ground Zero this afternoon.

Giuliani heard the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed while watching Fox News last night and told Politico that he didn’t feel much like celebrating. Giuliani also spoke to Matt Lauer this morning, praising President Obama’s courage for ordering such a difficult strike and saying he was “satisfied but not elated,” while reminiscing about the time he told President Bush he’d like to execute bin Laden.

“The anger is still the same as the day it happened,” Giuliani told reporters at Ground Zero.

Giuliani said he was pleased that bin Laden was dead, but acknowledged the possible threats it might cause New York City.

“I kind of sleep easier long term, not as well short term,” he said, “meaning long term I think this will help us a a lot…but short term, there are more dangers.”

Here’s Giuliani’s conversation with Lauer this morning:

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