At Living Wage Hearing, A Chair Stumbles Over Names of Fellow Councilmembers

1 mealy darlene At Living Wage Hearing, A Chair Stumbles Over Names of Fellow CouncilmembersWe are live at a packed City Council hearing on a proposal to mandate a living wage for city-subsidized projects.

The hearing got off to something of a rocky start when Darlene Mealy, who is leading the hearing in her capacity as chair of the Committee on Contracts, stumbled over the names of some of her colleagues and forgot others outright.

Introducing those Council members sitting beside her at a long table as they prepared to interrogate officials from the Bloomberg administration, Mealy skipped over Council members  Charles Barron and Jumaane Williams, stared at Council member Dan Halloran for several seconds before colleagues reminded her of his name, and referred to Council member Brad Lander as “Dan Lander.”

For his part, Halloran had a good sense of humor about the oversight, quipping, “I know, I know, I am not usually here.”

Things didn’t get easier for the tongue-tied committee chair, who later referred to Council member Halloran as “Halloway” and Council member Steve Levin as “Steve Levine.”




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