Aviary Wants You to Build an Instagram Killer

aviary effect Aviary Wants You to Build an Instagram KillerLet’s say you are a young developer with an idea for the next great photo app, a real Instagram killer. But you don’t have the resources to build out all the filters or handle the processing for your fast growing user base.

Starting today, Aviary will offer its filters and batch effects through a new API.
That means auto-correction and red eye removal or utility like cropping and resizing. It also gives devs access to a slew of cool effects that give photos a retro or comic book effect.

“The idea is to become the Twilio of photos, powering lots of great new apps in the background,” says Aviary’s biz dev head, Alex Taub. “For a real estate agency processing tons of photos, improving the quality of their shots may be the difference between a pass and sale.”

For the limited time beta the API is free. After that it will work on a tiered system, with heavy users paying a bulk rate.

aviary effect1 Aviary Wants You to Build an Instagram Killer